UNLTD Travel & Tours helps people make their vacations fun, affordable, and hassle-free. We worked with them on a new website and booking system to make finding and booking trips easier for their customers.


Going for that extra mile

The Philippines is well-known for its beautiful beaches and immaculate sceneries, which has made tourism one of the top industries in the country. As a result, travel agencies have a difficult time standing out among the competition.

In order to improve their position, UNLTD decided that social media isn’t enough. They needed a better way to promote themselves to potential customers, and a website sounded like the best way to go about that problem. 

And that's where we come in.

Web Design

Color & Feel

UI / UX Design

Less is more

It doesn’t take much to make a pretty website. But it does take a lot to make a good website. In UNLTD's case, we had to figure out the best way to execute this task, especially since this would be our first time creating a travel website. 

We opted for a simple design that makes it easy for their customers to focus on what's really important – choosing the perfect getaway.


Special Features

The online booking system

One of the main reasons why UNLTD decided that they needed a website was because they wanted a more progressive way for their customers to book trips. With the convenience of having an online booking system, they can modify their tour packages and services whenever they need to.

This bit was fun to design with all the things to experiment and play with.

UNLTD - Booking 2

Responsive Web Design

Small screens, big plans

We always make it a point that the websites we make are accessible on any device. So naturally, there's a mobile version for that travel planning on-the-go. We know you don't like being tied to your desk too long.

UNLTD - Booking mobile

Where are you going?

Visit the UNLTD Travel and Tours website to book a tour today.